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What's Happening Now?

Friends, I was hoping that this newsletter would include wonderful information about our next worship services and special events. I was hoping that I would be ready to tell you when we would see each other again. Unfortunately, we can’t put those better days on the calendar just yet. If I can’t tell you those things quite yet...what can I tell you?

I can tell you that now, more than ever, I have big hope for our future. These weeks apart have reminded me just how much our worship and our work bless my life. I’m hearing from many of you, and you are saying the same things. And I know that many of our neighbors are growing more aware that we all need God and each other. Days of re-bu

ilding and re-connecting will come, and First Methodist will come alive.

I can tell you that even now we are growing as a community of faith. Some of this growth is visible- like our increased presence on social media. Some of our growth isn’t as visible. But I believe that many of us are growing in our trust of God, and we are discovering new ways of being the church. This year, we may find ourselves re-discovering the blessings of small group meetings- a key part of our Methodist faith!

I can tell you that we are still working hard here at the church. We still keep regular office hours, and I work from the office seven days a week. This has been a time to catch up on many

projects! We don’t get this sort of time very often, and I want us to make the most of it. If you find yourself with extra free time these days, call our church office. Risa, Donna, and I will be glad to find the right job for you!

I can tell you that God provides. I can tell you that Jesus’ words still apply today, and that these days they mean more to me than ever. I can tell you that faith, hope, and love abide

. I can tell you that often the best news comes out of the worst days. All of these phrases tell me the best news of all: That God is still with us. We are not alone on this journey, and we walk with the promise that better days will come.

With great hope,


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