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Better Beginnings

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Once again, it’s time for a new year! And, as you know, with each new year comes the opportunity to start over, to make changes, and to prepare for a better future. The new year comes as a gift. It’s a gift from a God who loves new beginnings.

This new year seems especially “new.” The number “2020” looks futuristic-fresh out of a science fiction novel. It feels like it should be the start of a new age.

Maybe it is time to start a new age.

Maybe “2020” is challenging us to live into the future.

At First Methodist, we are taking several steps toward a better future in January. On January 12th we start an 8 week confirmation class. I am excited to start this confirmation journey with our youth.

We also have an interesting batch of sermons in store. In January, as soon as we get Jesus baptized, we are turning our attention to the first chapters of Genesis. We are asking “What does God want us to know about new beginnings?” After those sermons, we step into the book of Revelation to ask “What does God want us to know about the future?”

Embrace 2020, and may your new beginnings be blessed. May God be your hope for the future.



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