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What time is it???

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

I sincerely hope that, by the time you read our newsletter, it actually feels like October!

I’m convinced that we are still stuck in August. The weather says August, the mosquitoes say August, and even the lawn says August. But the calendar says that the days are moving along, and that trick-or-treaters, Thanksgiving dinner, and jingle bells are right around the corner.

Like the weather, life sometimes convinces us that not much is changing. The same problems persist, the same habits continue, the same routines greet us each day.

But, for better and worse, the world is changing… fast.

And, more importantly, God is on the move.

This fall, we are preparing to keep our favorite traditions. Our church comes alive in a special way during Advent and Christmas, and I look forward to sharing these experiences with you!

But, also this fall, we are boldly stepping into a new and faithful future. A new approach to Confirmation, the Youth Leadership Series, starts this Sunday. A new Missions Team will soon bring a renewed focus on both fellowship and hands-on service. And new visitors and members open our eyes to the fresh movements of God in our community.

God is on the move- making all things new. What time is it? An exciting time to be at First United Methodist Church!


Bro. Zach

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