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The Things that Feed Us...

On the way to the office this morning, the shiny sign of my favorite grocery store called out to me. Ground beef is on sale for 2.29!

The ad reminded me of my recent drive through the Kansas and Colorado ranch country. Beef is king out there. Billboards, bumper stickers, and the sides of buildings say “Nothing satisfies like beef.”

The advertising spoke, and I listened. I had burnt ends in Kansas City, a burger on the road, a fancier burger in Boulder, a little more beef in Denver, and a bison burger in Scott City, Kansas.

And, when I rolled back to Blytheville, I had a gout flareup! There’s a reason that I don’t normally eat more than two or three servings of beef per week.

You already see where I’m going in this article. Not everything on the menu is good for us. And even some of the good things need to be consumed in moderation.

I don’t think that any of us should be walking around hungry, or ignorant, or out of touch, but it’s also un-healthy to walk the other side of the street, binging food, binging news, even binging on personal frustration.

Here’s a weird take on the Bible. In younger years, I would get annoyed that the Bible is so long. These days, I’m glad that the Bible is long. There’s always another story to read. It’s a great alternative to binging.

I’ll say something similar about prayer. Sometimes it’s just the outlet we need. And much more.

Thank God for beef. But thank God that we don’t have to eat it every meal.


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