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Stewardship in 2020 and Beyond

Church Family,

Our congregation is richly blessed. As we journey through these “30 Days of Thanksgiving,” the fact that we have 30 volunteers willing to lead us in video thanksgiving is itself a blessing worth counting. Your courage and faith has helped us thrive during a difficult year.

2020 has not been the year we imagined. I imagined that I would write a letter this fall celebrating our congregation’s growth in worship, study, and service. This year, I have learned to count other blessings. I give thanks for our online presence and community. I give thanks for our many weekday volunteers, and for the many people who enjoy dropping by during the week. I give thanks for a new crop of acolytes, and for all the young people who will be confirmed on December 6th. I give thanks for the good work of our Trustees, and for a beautiful place to worship.

On behalf of the Roberts family, I want to say a very sincere “Thank You” for the many ways you have supported us through the challenges of 2020 . I hope that 2021 is a much better year. But if 2021 brings its share of unwelcome surprises; I know that God will use us to see each other through until better days come.

I also thank you for your generous giving to our congregation. Your faithful giving allows our church to focus on future growth at a time when other congregations must focus on survival.

Now is the time to prepare for our best future. I encourage you to make a new resolution to support the work of our congregation. One way of making that resolution is to fill out the pledge card. Call the church office to request a paper pledge card.

Whether you our willing or able to give, know that we give thanks for you. May the spirit of Thanksgiving and the joy of Christmas be with you and yours, this season and always.

In Christ,

Zach Roberts


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