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Good News Happens Here

First United Methodist Church is rising to the challenges of 2020:

I thank God for my wife Beth and family, who always manage to give me far more than I would ever ask. Their faith, hope, and love strengthen my own. And Beth does excellent work with Facebook and social media!

I thank God for Risa Mann, our office and program manager, for giving her best and adapting her talents to a changing church and world.

I thank God for Donna Gentry, who keeps our facility clean, safe, and ready at this critical time, and who has taken on special projects this month outside of her job description.

I thank God for Craig Fosburg, who gives long hours to make sure that our worship services connect with a community that is waking up to our need for God and each other.

I thank God for Liz Smith, Luca Strazzullo, and Davy Cook, who gladly do their part to provide the excellent worship that keeps us connected during this time of distancing.

I thank God for Diana Holmes, who gives careful attention to our finances, and who provides other ways to give when we cannot “pass the plate.”

I thank God for our committees and ministry teams, who continue to provide leadership and make decisions that help us move forward.

I thank God for those who volunteer their time in new ways. I’m proud of all who are willing to teach, willing to serve, and willing to help during this season. I’m proud of those who are willing to learn new skills to continue and grow their experience of church. And I give thanks for everyone who forgives me when my new ambitions and good intentions don’t work out the way we hoped!

This is an exciting time to be the church. Every day, we are growing in our ability to worship, learn, and serve. And the skills we develop during this time will bless our church for years to come.

When these days are done, we are going to hope and pray that we never see days like these again.

But we will also look back and say “Surely the presence of the Lord was in this place.” And because Jesus comes that we might have life, and have it abundantly, we will look back and see that our new tomorrow found it’s beginning today.


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