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Romance and Revelation

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

At First Methodist, now is the time for Romance and Revelation.

From Feb. 16th through March 8th, I’m daring to preach from the Book of Revelation. I have never preached from these scriptures before! Why now? Well, because these scriptures hold basic, practical lessons for those who dare to face the future. In a time of many different visions of how/what the future will be, I want us to remember what God has to say about the future and how we live into it.

But what does the Book of Revelation have to do with Romance? Well, you probably know me well enough to know that I’m about to take you on a word study. In the Middle Ages, a Romance was more than a love story. A “Romance” was the term for a popular adventure story about the heroic deeds of knights and other great figures. And yes, sometimes the hero finds love along the way.

Even with all of its scary and confusing imagery, the Book of Revelation is a Romance. It’s basically the story of a great victory, a Savior on a white horse who comes to win the day and rescue his love.

As much as the United Methodist Church needs basic, practical lessons about facing the future, maybe we need a good Romance, too. God gives us both, and I look forward to sharing these scriptures with you. May God use both to prepare us for all of the days ahead, and even for the eternity to come.


p.s. Speaking of romance, February is also the time for me to say “Happy Birthday” to Mrs. Beth Roberts, who turns another year lovelier on Feb. 10th. I still thank God when I think of you!

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